From Fans and Conventions
Images of fan artwork, convention appearances and submitted pictures. Click on image for a larger picture.

Andrea Schneider, organiser, and the rest of the team at the Darkside Con, Bottrop, Germany: Felix Silla (Ewok), John Coppinger (Jabba maker), Mike Edmonds and Michael Sheard.

Just Plano Star Warriors: Mike Quinn, Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch, Richard LeParmentier, Garrick Hagon at Plano Sci-Fi Expo, May 2002

GH with his wife actress Liza Ross

"Four rebel pilots at Celebration II":Bill Hootkins (Porkins), Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader), Ian LIston (Wes Janson) and Garrick Hagon.

"The Boys at Basildon, Jan 2002"
from left: Shane Rimmer, Peter Purves of "Dr.Who", Mike Edmonds ("Logray") and Garrick

Garrick with Steve LeBoyteaux,
helmet maker

"Biggs Starpic"
by Schiefelbein, Berlin

Big Peter

Give Her a Big Hand

Garrick, X-Wing pilot Berthe and troopers at Braunfels Germany

Garrick in Tokyo at the Hollywood Collectors Gallery

The Princess of Montreal

Seattle Star Wars Club

Garrick at WizardCon

Garrick with the lucky bidders

Seattle Fan Club Artwork

Garrick with Nate & Ryan Lientz

The Norfolk 501 at USAF, Lakenheath

F15E fighter, Lakenheath

Mike (Logray) Edmonds and assistant Delilah at Vichy, France.

Garrick and Liza go Batmobiling at Clacton with Kevin Lowrey.

With Gerald Home and host Attila Petovari at Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest

With stuntman Paul Weston and host Aurelien Lukowski

Fabrizio, GH and Emiliano at Yavin4

GH with his wife Liza Ross and Kayla, winner of Star Pursuit

Wemina, Yavin4’s designer at Cesenatico

The gang at Neil Livesey’s Fan Fun Day at Burnley Football Club with Richard Bonehill, Richard Le Parmentier and Derek Lyons

Jase Fox, the lead pilot of Rebel Legion, Durham

Relaxing with Gerald Home on Wroclaw’s main square with Arek, Ilona, Magda and Maciek after dnifantastiki.

FACTS, Ghent, Belgium, 2011.

The R2D2 Army, Ghent.

BobaBiggs with TeeKay-421, Ghent.

Garrick with Biggs

Russell Howard and the Rebels at Alderaan Base

Garrick with Alderaan Base Plaque

The Young Star Wars Team at Milton Keynes 2015

Matthew Rose who premiered ‘Arkham Knight’ on his mobile at LFCC

Hugs from Lexington Chewies

Rebels Forever...

Garrick with Lexington's Adam Lee